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If you need your wool rugs cleaned, rely on the experienced professionals at Colonial Carpet Co. Cleaning & Restoration. We have over 71 years of carpet cleaning experience and know just how to handle fine wool rugs.

We offer flexible scheduling options and the best comparative prices, and we always place our primary focus on the security and care of your property. Reach out to us today to speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff.

We Clean All Types of Wool Rugs

  • Pakistani
  • Persian
  • Indian
  • Turkish

We Offer Several Methods of Cleaning to Meet Our Customers Needs


  1. Shampoo and/or Extraction Cleaning
    All rugs are carefully inspected to determine the best method of cleaning. The rugs are agitated and thoroughly vacuumed on both sides with a commercial pile lifter to remove dry soils such as sand, dust, dander, dirt, etc. A dye setting spray to lower the PH is then used to set the dyes. Detergents are applied and brushed into the fibers and allowed time to dwell. Depending on the type of rug, it’s condition and nature of the soil, the detergents and suspended soils are either shampooed using a rotory tool, hand cleaned or extracted out of the rug. The rug is then thoroughly rinsed and immediately conditioned again to lower the PH and soften the pile. Any spots that were not removed during the normal process are treated with specific spotting agents, conditioned & thoroughly rinsed. The rugs are carefully hung on a rack and placed in a speed drying room. The rugs are then brushed to soften the pile & condition the nap. The rug is then neatly wrapped in a protective brown paper and delivered to your home.
  2. Hand Washed
    Similar process as #1, except dry cleaning or shampooing is performed by hand on more delicate rugs.
  3. Pet Damage
    Similar process as #1, but in addition, the rugs are treated with mild detergents and allowed to dwell to release urine deposits.The rug is then vacuum squeezed, extracted and rinsed. This may need to be repeated more than once and can be time consuming. The rug is then deodorized and speed dried. (It is recommended that an encapsulant be used with this process – Scotchgard Protector)
  4. Fringe Whitener
    Fringes may be whitened by brushing and/or dipping fringes into brightener and under some circumstances, bleach. The fringe is then speed dried. Not all fringes are receptive to, and/or candidates for fringe brightening, and may be better left alone due to the characteristics, condition and/or value of the rug.
  5. Protectors
    Teflon or ScothchGard are encapsulants that help protect yarns from staining, and some abrasion, and may assist in odor control. Colonial Carpet Company is a certified applicator. ScotchGard Protector is available and recommended for most wool and synthetic rugs. Please ask us if your rug can benefit from one of these protectants.

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“I Think they did a great job!!! Everyone was so nice both on the phone setting up my appointment and when they were cleaning my rugs!! The rugs look great!”

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